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We have the vision to create original products and designs to solve human problems and to improve the quality of life by utilizing local raw materials and past wisdom that works with nature, remain focused on the present integration and future stability, harnessed by good science and enabled by the most cost-effective technology possible. And we are going to achieve this together multi-dimensionally and multi-institutionally in the form of real facility that offers products and services for people of all fields and economic backgrounds where sustainability is embedded in all of the processes from the beginning to end.

The key deliverable of Project Gemi is an integrated facility that will produce healthy foods and cures for human whereby the by-products can be used for animal feeds and fertilizers. There will also be a facility for live-in for patients with health problems due to injuries or degenerative diseases. Training will also be given to maintain their health at home. Routine training will also be given to women, as they are the key pillars for the health of the nation.

The facility will be designed to use energy from the sun and bio-fermentation as much as possible. The scarcity of the clean water there will also be handled by the use of filtration technology that will utilize special construction that will reuse rainwater, together with gravity and natural substance from by-products from the production facility to further filter it.

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