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Body Restoration

Natural Ingredients

Natural Product Consumer's Dilemmas


Consumers of natural products have a lurking problems of encountering more health problems, as to digest these fresh products you need to have balanced & rich microbiomes to reap the benefits already in place.


Consumers want naturally better health that cater to their specific health problems but are also concerned about the environmental damage of the packaging and abuse of suppliers’ rights.


Consumers are treated as mere object but seldom empowered to use products to make them economically better.

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Bar Chart

Trend no.1

Significant increase in demand for natural consumer products

Industrial Area

From mid-2018 through mid-2019, these products drove more than half of the industry’s growth in unit sales, despite accounting for only 7% of those sales.

Increased Consumption Boosted the Revenue Growth of Natural Products.

Exhibit-1 Increased consumption of natur
Green Buildings

Trend no.2

Sales of sustainable products moved up close to three percentage points from 2014 to 2017, and it could hit 25% by 2021.

Trend-2 - Sales of sustainable products.
Financial Reports

Trend no.3

Revenue of Fair-trade products have moved in average by 20% per year world-wide.

Trend-3 - Revenue of fair-trade.png

Our Solution:

“Totally natural, sustainable and fair-trade Consumer Product Lines.”

“For more details...

visit our online store and

check out all our product lines”

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Basil Leaves

Pure, naturally stable and rich in microbiomes, good tasting, good smelling products packaged in beautiful & multi-tasking packaging.

Leg Stretch

Soil and body restorative ability

Plant Store

Creating economic multiplying effects from supply to demand sides.


Products Characteristics

Green Leaves

All pure fresh raw materials. We are the First to make bubbly soap without NaOH/KOH!!)

Natural Herbs

Processed using all-natural feeds and technology that has internal balancing acts with the help of highest quality gears.


Apply lowest degree of aggression while producing lower viscosity, hence highly stable products.

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