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Public Health Campaigns

Public health campaign is an integral part of Project Gemi. It is deliberately done in every step of the project from the start to the commissioning. Thus, we don’t regard a campaign as a separate process with public relations.

The starting point of every campaign always starts with some motivation and impending problem at hand, followed by the long-term implication of the problem if it is not addressed properly. Scientific findings and statistics are also presented with various degrees of detail, with keen attention to cultural and other aspects of the audience’ background. The solution is proposed in a comprehensive manner that often involves financial projection and benefits, a proposal of lifestyle changes, and definitely a definitive action. These are designed and presented as such to gather support and participation from various stakeholders.

The following are the samples of presentation materials used in the campaign:

  1. With key leaders of Kulon Progo Municipality, Yogyakarta, Indonesia:!AgNavZZ2oHAEgflsfdOkkmPOiovpKA

  2. With the civil society surrounding the facility at Srandakan, Bantul, Yogyakarta

  3. With some Key Government leaders at Bantul City, Yogyakarta

  4. With Gaja Toba Team, Jakarta:!AgNavZZ2oHAEgYt81Z_FvixRbLQLhg

  5. With SMAN 3 Jakarta:!AgNavZZ2oHAExzxaUFvw7LDTTDfr 

The followings are some clips from our discussion with key government leaders and other stake-holders in Bantul, Yogyakarta:

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