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Vegetable Farm

Soil Restoration

Environmental Challenges

The Loss of Innate Functions of the Soil

  • The inability for soil to retain water

  • The inability of the soil to digest macro-nutrients in the compost media into micro-nutrients for healthy seed growth

  • The inability for the soil to prevent diseases and insect infestation

Main content Soil Restoration

The Problems Still Persist

Rest area vector art illustration.png

Environmentally-linked health issues continues in humans

nature ecosystem vector art illustration

Unpredictability of weather that makes it hard to project crop yields

Insect vector art illustration.png

The inability of an ecosystem to self-govern

Plants still heavily dependent on outside sources for basic needs: water, nutrients, and pest-control

Existing Market Solutions & Their Problems

  • Air-conditioned Green House: expensive and environmentally problematic

  • Hydroponic: synthetics soil vitamins incompatible with body’s natural functioning

  • Conventional (using GMO seeds & artificial fertilizers): direct health problems (obesity, diabetics, and various other auto-immune diseases)

Our Proposed Solution:

An Integrated Soil Restorative System


Systematic & Integrated


step-by-step, starting from what really matters first

Local Shop

Local building capacity


allowing local people to have economic independence

Shipping Boxes



enabling a self-regenerative process for the betterment of the whole system

Why GEMI System

Plant & Irrigation System
Safer Method!

We remedy the soil by introducing toxin-free humus.


The microbes used in the compost mixture were grown in fully natural (non-synthetic)& fertile soil and then let adapting to the local environment.


This is to ensure their good characteristics stay intact YET more readily flexible in breaking down the macro nutrients AND able to tampering down any harmful parasites in their future media.

Safer Method!

What does it do to the soil?

Hands in the Soil

Healthier soil

Green Field

Good microbes and their digested nutrients will create healthier fertilizer. Soil made fertile with all-natural fertilizer will be much more robust in the long-run. Our experiments also suggest that this new soil promotes a better surrounding environment for the farm.

What kinds of produce resulted?

Fresh Produce


Fresh Produce

The quality of your produce will be overall much better: fresher and more nutritious! This is because healthy soil microbes are present in abundance to pre-digest various macro-nutrients put in the fertilizer into various beneficial micro-nutrients.

Produce Market

This is another good news for your consumers!

Simple Application

Green Field

Media: Manure from local farm animals

Watch Close-up

Period: 45 days to 'cook'

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Maintenance: Water it when looking dry and stir it afterwards

Price and Service

Farm 1

Please contact us for details of project cost as it depends on location

Including in the package:

  • Tribiotics (TM) mix - The Good Soil Vitamin

  • Professional agriculture experts and continuous project support for a year 

  • Innovative and completely green composting kit.


  • Machines and equipment in farming activities

  • Others

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