Vegetable Farm

Soil Restoration

Environmental Challenges

The Loss of Innate Functions of the Soil

  • The inability for soil to retain water

  • The inability of the soil to digest macro-nutrients in the compost media into micro-nutrients for healthy seed growth

  • The inability for the soil to prevent diseases and insect infestation


The Problems Still Persist

Environmentally-linked health issues continues in humans

Unpredictability of weather that makes it hard to project crop yields

The inability of an ecosystem to self-govern

Plants still heavily dependent on outside sources for basic needs: water, nutrients, and pest-control

Existing Market Solutions & Their Problems

  • Air-conditioned Green House: expensive and environmentally problematic

  • Hydroponic: synthetics soil vitamins incompatible with body’s natural functioning

  • Conventional (using GMO seeds & artificial fertilizers): direct health problems (obesity, diabetics, and various other auto-immune diseases)

Our Proposed Solution:

An Integrated Soil Restorative System

Systematic & Integrated


step-by-step, starting from what really matters first

Local building capacity


allowing local people to have economic independence



enabling a self-regenerative process for the betterment of the whole system

Why GEMI System

Plant & Irrigation System
Safer Method!

What does it do to the soil?

Healthier soil

Good microbes and their digested nutrients will create healthier fertilizer. Soil made fertile with all-natural fertilizer will be much more robust in the long-run. Our experiments also suggest that this new soil promotes a better surrounding environment for the farm.

What kinds of produce resulted?

Fresh Produce


Fresh Produce

The quality of your produce will be overall much better: fresher and more nutritious! This is because healthy soil microbes are present in abundance to pre-digest various macro-nutrients put in the fertilizer into various beneficial micro-nutrients.

Produce Market

This is another good news for your consumers!

Simple Application

Green Field

Media: Manure from local farm animals

Watch Close-up

Period: 45 days to 'cook'

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Maintenance: Water it when looking dry and stir it afterwards

Price and Service

Please contact us for details of project cost as it depends on location

Including in the package:

  • Tribiotics (TM) mix - The Good Soil Vitamin

  • Professional agriculture experts and continuous project support for a year 

  • Innovative and completely green composting kit.


  • Machines and equipment in farming activities

  • Others

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